I am a Professor of History at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I teach Ancient and Medieval history, Digital History, and Classical Archaeology, as well as several other departmental courses. In addition, I am currently serving as chair of the department.

Brief Bio

I grew up on the coast of North Carolina and enjoyed anything to do with the water (swimming, fishing, water skiing, etc.). I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel, where a pre-med major soon became a Classics BA, with an emphasis on Classical Archaeology. During my senior year at UNC, I finally took scuba lessons and decided to pursue a MA in Maritime History and Underwater Archaeology. While enjoying my work as an underwater archaeologist, I realized that my deepest interest involved the history of Rome. As a result, I attended The Ohio State University and graduated with a Ph.D. in ancient history in 2000.

Since my arrival at IUP in 2002, I have worked hard to bring to fruition my dream of creating an archaeological project on Cyprus that examined trade and commerce in the eastern Mediterranean. With the help of my co-directors (William Caraher of the University of North Dakota and David K. Pettegrew of Messiah College), we have been able to develop the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project (PKAP) into a successful archaeological project. PKAP is a joint field school/ research project that is attempting to determine the relationship between the southern coast of Cyprus and other coastal sites on the island, and the Eastern Mediterranean more generally. Over the last twelve field seasons, the project has steadily grown from an initial team of six to an international team of thirty-six researchers, and has involved IUP faculty from three departments, as well as 24 IUP undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to my work at PKAP, I have become involved with several other projects on the island and have had the opportunity to work with their Roman ceramics.

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